Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mental note.

it takes exactly 2 weeks for your body to start shutting down after you stop taking your daily medicine for your Thyroid disease.

well, thats good to know. 
ugh, i feel like crap.
i'm definitely not getting out of bed today.
my body just aches all over.
now i know though.
2 weeks.
i wish i would have gotten like, one of those freaky phone calls
like on The Ring
[seriously the dumbest movie of it's kind]
and a dark, deep, creepy voice
whispers "2 weeks" into the phone.
And i scream and slam down the dial
and close the blinds
lock myself in the closet
call the police even though i know they can't help or won' t even believe me.

i feel like that would have made this experience more entertaining.
but alas
i wake up to my body feeling like it was submerged in acid.

life just isn't like the movies.

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