Wednesday, August 27, 2008


today was a communication breakthrough.
i didn't give up
i didn't chicken out
i said what i wanted to and didn't hold back.
and man, it felt good.
the best part was, she didn't get defensive at all.
she was open to it
and appreciated my honesty
and is definitely taking my words into consideration.

it feels good.
to communicate openly and honestly.

i'm trying.
i'm trying to become a better person
a better friend.
I'm trying to do things out of love
and maintain a positive vibe around everyone.
i'm making plans for my future
on my own and for myself.
I spent a lot of time worrying about everyone else
and trying to keep everyone happy
and i was doing it all the wrong way.
Being passive and letting people use me as a doormat
isn't helping anyone
especially myself.
I'm trying to fix things and tie up loose ends
and even... let certain ones go if thats what they want.

it's hard.
but no one ever told me it was going to be easy.
i'm glad its not though.
working for something
and putting your own blood and sweat into it always makes it worth the battle.

and i think this battle is slowly coming to an end.

now all i have to do is count the survivors....

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