Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She said and i quote...

What I learned in 2008:

- Turning 21 is entirely overrated.
- You never know who will come back into your life and who will leave for good.
- Letting go is easier than it seems.
- Family is important, but you can live without them.
- Trust your instincts. They're usually right.
- Putting yourself out there - emotionally, physically, mentally - is always better than being too afraid to even try.
- It's okay to open up to people who genuinely care... and even ones who don't.
- I am not invincible. I'm not my own doctor. I can and will fall.
- Breaking boundaries is the most liberating personal gain. Do it more often and don't be afraid.
- Do not touch cats. You are officially allergic.

Highlights of 2008:

- Being in Stage Beauty with Lindsey and Katie.
- Finding my special place to play guitar, read and write on my rooftop.
- Andy Hebert's party with Lindsey... where we ate an entire bowl of Sourpatch Kids and danced to "Thriller".
- Meeting Peter, Tim and Jeremy at The Smiling Scull and ending up at their house where they offered us icepops followed by dancing with a strobe light to Tears for Fears and The B 52's.
- Steve's visit and rockin' out (kinda) with Andrew WK.
- Being Harper's nanny and realizing how difficult and time-consuming a child is.
- The night at the Cemetery with Peter.
- Keenan's graduation... especially the blow-ups!
- Masha and Dema's Wedding. Crazy Russian people + chocolate martinis.
- Discovering my love for Anton Chekhov.
- Doing my portrait project for my Directing class.
- Getting close to the people in my studio and actually being social.
- Meeting Peter's mom and stepdad and seeing beautiful California for the first time.

Goals for 2009:

- Move to California with Kori and Austen by August. 
- Audition for as many theatre companies as possible and get a good internship.
- Experiment more with FX make-up... specifically making monster masks.
- Doing the best possible job i can in The Tempest. 
- Being more patient with myself... and others.
- Switching entirely to good, organic food.
- Buy a bike and use it as your only mode of transportation. 
- Being more cautious and strict with my medication and health in general.
- Making hella connections with as many people as possible. 
- Stop dwelling on things i can't change and fully accept life as it comes.
- Making more alone time for myself.
- Being out in nature more.

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miss fish said...

So, that party...all I have to say is..."Give me my shit!"