Sunday, September 28, 2008


^I have a tendency for seemingly being cool and detached all of the time, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I do feel... my God, do i ever. I just need time. I'm not as impulsive. I don't know right away. But when i do....i really do.

^^ My legs are throbbing. Here we are again. I would give someone $50 on the spot to massage them right now. No joke.

^^^Okay, so I don't have $50 to give anyone. But i do have homemade mashed potatoes.

^^^^ I wish I paid more attention to my appearance. I feel like a huge greaseball today. I see girls in cute dresses and shoes and i'm wearing a dirty hoodie and jeans. Not that its bad, but i feel better when i take the time to look presentable.

^^^^^ I fell off a bed, well more or less ROLLED off a bed at my callbacks yesterday. I was wearing a dress. It was for a comedy, so i feel like in some ways, that could be highly beneficial.

^^^^^^ My motivation is becoming non-existent. which regrettably just makes me laugh hahaha. Oh man, this is bad.

^^^^^^^ Everything in my life feels so up in the air right now. Every single aspect... school, personal life, finances. I'm waiting for it to all drop. I'm waiting to see what I can catch, and eventually, what falls to the floor and shatters. I'm considering taking up juggling 101.

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