Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kate speaks...You listen.

Kate's new goals [for herself]:

* No more make-up... or at least very little. I do make-up part time for a living, and i cannot stand seeing beautiful girls make themselves look made-up and disgusting by having wayyyyy too much make-up on. It's suppose to enhance, not take away from what's already there. So, i'm going to try and set an example. Less is sometimes more... and that's just enough.

* Getting out of Ohio. Always a goal, but i think i can do it sooner than i anticipated. How? Internships in NYC, Chicago, LA. I can still remain in school and get a degree in my last year, but i don't have to do it here. I've been researching and am currently applying for a number of internships for the winter/spring. Inspiring environment, possible connections, ample experience... and no state of Ohio in sight. Perfecto.

* Keeping up with what's going on in the world. I love sitting in a cafe' doing research and reading Time magazine and New York Times online. [as i am doing now, and have been for a few hours] If i wanna make a life out of making movies i need to know whats going on so i can relay it to society, Plus, I hate feeling like an ignorant American who cares more about reality tv characters than actual life events. It's a win/win.

* Pouring out positive energy. Peter always tells me about the power of positive energy... if you exude positive energy into the world, then you're bound to receive it right back. I seriously believe in that. No more whining and bitching... or at least maintain it. I need to start picking my battles and fighing only when necessary. A positive lifestyle is exactly what i need to focus on. I should always be focusing on it.

* Maintaining good eating habits/exercise. I always feel better when i eat right and get out into fresh air. I've been really good this summer. I'm outside all the time and eating right [thanks to my job] and i'm going to continue that through the next school year. Hopefully, i can convince my family to start doing the same thing. I worry about them. I know how caught up they can get in horrible habits... maybe i can help start them out on a better lifestyle all around.

* Communication. My biggest flaw to date. I need to speak up! I'm always hesitant and it's just unnecessary. I have plenty of ideas and things to say but i never do. I need to stop. Right now. Confidence may be hard to obtain [ for me at least] but i don't have any reason not to be. So get all those negative thoughts out and communicate. I have a loud mouth for a reason.... at least thats what my mother has always said. Use it, Kate.

* Indie movies and classic books. Peter and I have watch 50+ indie movies (no lie) in the last few months. I'm really learning a lot from them. Acting-wise, direction-wise... everything-wise. I've come to understand the difference and importance of them and why i NEED to make this my life. It's art... in motion... through nouns. I love it. I need to make/be apart of one... or a lot. Hopefully a lot.

That's all i can think of right now. This list is never-ending though. I'll always need improvement... on every aspect of my life. How else will i keep evolving?

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